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Reach the Brampton Market

Brampton is among one of Canada’s largest municipalities, with a growth rate that continues to surpass that of the Greater Toronto Area. Diversity plays a huge factor in the city’s continuing success, making it the third largest community within the GTA.

On top of our fast-growing community, Brampton’s innovative transit system has received numerous awards, including the Excellence Award in Smartbus Intelligent Transportation Systems and Exceptional Service/Outstanding Achievement from the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

With accolades like these and 78% of riders claiming that they are completely satisfied with the transit system, it’s clear why the Brampton advertising market is so coveted.

Moreover, 48% of Brampton transit users are employed. Students make up 40% of the transit system’s ridership due the servicing of major learning institutions such as York University and Humber College. No matter who you’re looking to target, advertising on our desired transit system will get you the audience you’re looking for.

Exclusive Ad has tapped into the market by being the exclusive provider of bus advertising in Brampton. The effective transportation system currently services over 20 million riders per year and travels approximately 20 million kilometres annually, making it a guarantee that your advertisement will be viewed by consumers on a regular basis.

The Brampton Market can be broken down as follows:

  • With a population of over 523,911, Brampton was the 9th largest city in Canada in 2011
  • That same year, Brampton held the highest rate of population growth among Canada’s largest cities
  • Between 1976 and 2011, Brampton has grown by an average of 12,000 people yearly
  • The average household income in Brampton is $83,379
  • The largest population group is 30-49 years of age, with the average Bramptonian being 33.7 years old
  • Brampton’s mother tongue is English with 269,790 speakers.

Advertising on a Brampton Transit bus creates opportunities for to get your message out. Your brand will enjoy a wide reach when you work with Exclusive Ad and place your creative on one of the 376 buses in the network. Likewise, your ad will be treated to a diversified group of people who are situated in the right environment.

What this means is, riders on the bus see the interior ads; while other commuters such as cyclists, pedestrians and drivers will see the ads on the exterior of the bus.

A benefit of showcasing your brand to the large, diverse Brampton audience is that the transit system offers something that other media avenues do not: the ads cannot be silenced.

Brampton’s transit system operates above ground, making it an ideal place to showcase your brand. Unlike a subway system, where advertisements can only be seen by those who use it; above ground transit provides an ideal platform where creative can be viewed by all commuters in the Brampton area and not just those who take advantage of the public transit system.


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