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About the Brampton Bus Fleet

The Brampton Market is the ideal place for showcasing your brand. Advertising within the Brampton Bus Fleet guarantees that your ad will be viewed regularly and will make an impact on commuters!

The city is recognized as the third largest city in the Greater Toronto Area and possesses a thriving, mixed population of different ethnicities, age ranges and incomes.

The Brampton Transit system services over 20 million riders (since 2013 and growing). Similarly, the city’s population increased by 11% while transit ridership expanded by 40%.

This increase is no small feat considering that the national average for transit ridership growth is approximately only 3%. Since its inception in 1974, Brampton Transit has experienced rapid expansion and continues to embrace new technology.

With a focus on getting passengers to and from their destinations, the reach of the Brampton Bus Fleet is strong and highly visible.

There are two types of media you can purchase for your ad: Exterior and Interior. Exterior advertising is available on 278 conventional buses in the Brampton Bus Fleet. Interior advertising is available on all fleet vehicles.

Here are some facts you should know about the best advertising opportunity in the city, the Brampton Bus Fleet:

  • Customer focused features such as Real-Time Technology, Next Bus Alerts and Transit Signal Priority make traveling by bus the preferred method of commuting in the city.
  • The pay-as-you-board transit system requires exact fare in cash, valid transfer or PRESTO card (the Brampton Transit official bus pass).
  • Children age 5 and under travel for free.
  • Veterans and the visually impaired are also offered free transit.
  • Senior citizens receive a discounted fare.
  • Brampton Transit employs more than 850 individuals.
  • There are 376 buses in the fleet.
  • 98 of the 376 vehicles are Züm buses.
  • 343 buses are equipped with accessibility features like limp ramps, kneeling features at the buses’ front doors and wheelchair/scooter areas.
  • Buses can seat 37 to 56 passengers.
  • Buses are either 40’ or 60’ in length.
  • There are 45 routes on the Brampton Transit line, 4 are Züm routes.
  • These routes are broken down into Regular Service, Express Service, iRide School Service and Züm.
  • Züm has two new route additions coming in 2015 and 2016.
  • The busiest route is the 501/501A Züm Queen.
  • The buses use clean hybrid-electric technology, making them the first of their kind for Brampton Transit.
  • These environmentally sound buses offer a 10-15% fuel reduction compared to the traditionally used diesel vehicles.

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