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Interior Advertising on Brampton Buses

Interior bus advertising provides an ideal platform for showcasing your brand. Your ad will be able to command the attention of passengers who have a generous amount of time to absorb the message.

Given the above ground nature of Brampton’s bus network, riders remain digitally connected throughout their commute. This enables them to instantly learn more about an ad they see on their journey, scan a QR code, check out your website or even text a friend about your product.

Interior ads can be collaborative and provide entertainment for commuters. Interactive games, 3D images and innovative designs can be used to craft brand engagement and drive sales.

Furthermore, call-to-action messages are exceedingly effective on interior transit ads because they evoke an immediate response from consumers. If you give transit users a chance to engage with your brand, they will jump at the opportunity.

Interior transit ads on Brampton buses offer little to no competition in delivering your message. This type of ad space is accommodating and result driven. Interior advertising does not discriminate. It is placed in an optimal position where bus riders are destined to see it, creating long exposure.

Exclusive Ad’s interior products are seen by passengers on the go. Some may be on their way to work, others to eat, while some are on their way to shop or see a movie. Regardless of their destination, you will no doubt benefit from interior ad placement as this type of marketing attracts everyone from young people riding the bus to school, to working professionals, to older generations just enjoying the community.

Additionally, the drivers and maintenance workers who service the buses are also privy to your creative.


Interior transit advertising effectively increases brand awareness and generates quick response to ads. There are two types of interior ads available:

  • Standard Interior Card
  • Double Interior Card

Standard cards are 11”x35”.

Double cards are 11”x70” – a standard interior at double the width.

We can even extend your message to the ceiling of the bus with custom vinyl applications.

Interior cards can be placed in all 376 buses currently in use in the Brampton fleet. Interior ads are printed on Styrene cards and placed in non-backlit card racks above the bus’ windows.

Each bus contains between 14-20 standard interior card locations, and ads can appear on both sides of the aisle.

Annually, Brampton buses cover approximately 20 million kilometres and have a ridership of over 20 million people.

Moreover, 64% of Brampton Transit users are between the ages of 18-34 which is an incredibly influential demographic and a perfect audience for your brand, no matter what product or service your company offers.


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