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Exterior Media

Exterior Advertising on Brampton Transit

Exterior products are a form of out-of-home media that captures the attention of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.

This form of advertising cannot be turned off or put down. While with most forms of mass media it is easy to ignore ads, exterior creative is on display whether you want to see it or not.

Television commercials can be fast-forwarded and channels can be changed. Advertisements in magazines can be skimmed and pages flipped. Online ads can be easily forgotten and even intrusive.

However, exterior ad placement on a Brampton transit vehicle ensures that your ad reaches more than just your target market!

Exclusive Ad’s exterior bus ads are immune to human involvement and tampering. They are strategically placed to give you – not the consumer – control how and where the ad is seen.

For instance, a commuter on their way to work is stuck beside a Brampton bus at a stoplight. While waiting for the light to turn green, it’s inevitable that the commuter will turn their head and see the ad directly in their line of sight.

Exterior ads placed on public transit provide a highly visual medium that attracts everyone. Being often exposed to this kind of advertising creates higher brand engagement and, in a city like Brampton with its population in excess of 523,900 and growing, your ad is going to be seen by a lot of people.

Placed on the either side or the back of Brampton Transit buses, exterior advertisements are seen by the Brampton community as a whole.


The following products are available:

  • Seventies
  • Kings

Seventies (70s) are70”x 21” or 70” x 16” . They are primarily located at the back of the buses. However, they can also be placed on the bus’ sides.

Kings sized at 139”x 30” or 139” x 18.5” and found on either side of the bus’ exterior.

While these are some of the most common exterior formats a wide range of custom options is also available including Headliners, Kongs, Queens along with Full and Partial Wraps. These are all great options for clients looking to maximize the size of their canvas.


A key material used in exterior bus ads is vinyl. It provides ample possibilities for customization due to its extraordinary size range and unique shape options.

Exterior media is available on 278 buses in the Brampton bus fleet. Each bus can feature a King poster on either side and one of the Seventies on the back.

Brampton city buses travel daily during on and off-peak hours creating a moving billboard that can grab your audience’s attention with minimal effort.

Exterior advertising places your ad at busy intersections, outside of schools, shopping centres and other high-traffic commercial areas throughout the city. Your message will be projected into the minds of commuters wherever the bus travels, giving your brand incredible reach and exposure.

Exterior advertising takes your message everywhere it needs to be, through the streets of Brampton and into the minds of your potential customers.


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