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Out-of-home advertising is one of the oldest and most effective forms of advertising. It gives companies the ability to reach customers while they’re out of their house and closer to point-of-purchase locations.

Out-of-home advertising firmly enhances brand awareness and creates quick recall with high coverage. By marketing to consumers when they are in transit, they will be more inclined to absorb the message.

Exclusive Ad offers you a chance to create brand awareness for your company where you need it the most: With local customers. Out-of-home advertising provides a great ROI (return on investment) and is usually less costly than other forms of media.

Interior and Exterior Transit Advertising in Brampton

With Exclusive Ads advertising opportunities, your brand will receive a whole new level of attention. Transit users will retain the information provided on your ad simply because they cannot ignore it.

By advertising on and in the Brampton Transit system, your brand will be given the special attention it cannot receive anywhere else.

Your ad will reach a huge demographic and gain city-wide exposure. Brampton Transit is used by a vast network of students and working professionals of both sexes. With over 20 million annual riders, you can reach men and women when you take advantage of out-of-home advertising. Ads on public transit have the power to intercept segmented groups without disruption.

There are two types of a product offered by Exclusive Ad: Interior and Exterior.

Interior Bus Advertising

Interior Cards are located on the inside of vehicles, above the windows. Throughout the Brampton Transit fleet of buses, interior ads are viewed by users of the system, drivers and maintenance workers.


Exterior Advertising

On the other hand, Exterior ads give people a front row seat to your creative. Viewed by pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers stuck in traffic, these ads are incredibly impactful.

Exterior advertisements are placed on the back or either side of the Brampton Transit Buses allowing them to reach their maximum audience.


To summarize, out-of-home advertisement reaches people on the go.

In recent years, people are spending less time at home and more time in transit and at work or school. They are less exposed to traditional media and out-of-home advertisements can increase their influence and consumption.

High frequency is a key strength of exterior and interior advertising. Repeated exposure helps a brand’s message stay in the consumer’s mind compelling them to make a purchase.

Exterior and Interior advertising on the Brampton Transit system gives your creative the perfect place to shine!


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