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Bus Advertising in Brampton

Brampton’s effective transit network currently services over 20 million riders per year. The ever-growing city has a diverse population that is quickly becoming one of the more popular spots in the Greater Toronto Area for younger people to put up roots. On top of that, the average age in the city is 33.7, which creates the perfect audience for Exclusive Ad to showcase your brand to young and old alike.

Over the course of one year, the average Brampton bus travels approximately 900,000 hours. That’s ample time for passengers to see your product. Brampton Transit is efficient, clean, reliable, and possesses superior customer focused features such as Real-Time Technology, Next Bus Alerts and Transit Signal Priority.

These factors, coupled with Exclusive Ad’s monopoly of the bus system, guarantee that your ad will be not go unnoticed.

Transit advertising is effective in Brampton because of the City’s unique rider profile. Consumer satisfaction is extremely high with passengers, with over 78% of them enjoying their time spent on a Brampton Transit bus.

With a fleet of 376 buses and growing, placing your ad on a Brampton Transit vehicle is impactful because it will be seen by a diverse audience as opposed to niche one. A niche audience, while it can provide an effective but limited reach, is not the best way to get your product out to the masses, and when it comes to advertising the numbers matter.

The population of Brampton is distinct and the transit system provides an audience made up of people from different financial brackets, ethnicities and age groups. Unlike other cities within the GTA, Brampton is very much its own contained metropolis. The people that make up Brampton’s population live there, work there, and play there, so to reach the over 500,000 residents in Brampton, you need your message to be in Brampton.

With Exterior Advertising, your product will be seen by cyclists, pedestrians and drivers stuck in traffic. This exterior creative cannot be unheeded. You are ensured of city-wide exposure with exterior ad placement because the Brampton Bus Network functions above ground and is highly visible.

Interior advertising provides another way to showcase your brand, and offers a productive setting that riders are guaranteed to notice. This advertising ensures that passengers see your ad and have time to absorb its message on multiple occasions.

Transit advertising with Exclusive Ad lets your brand experience maximum power with minimal competition.


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