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We are a big piece of the giant media industry puzzle, especially in the Brampton area. We define our role as a customer-positioned business that gives a very specific focus to one media property. Because Exclusive Ad’s dedication lies in the field of transit advertising, our devotion to this medium is unwavering.

Our company is recognized as one of the leading transit advertising establishments in the field due to our commitment to our clients. It’s important to us that we continue to build relationships with our existing and future clientele. Furthermore, all projects are executed and delivered on time, using new, cutting-edge print technologies. Your brand is unique and we are confident we can give your product the attention it deserves.

Transit advertising is a powerful form of out-of-home publicity. This marketing opportunity helps create buzz for your brand and allows transit users, pedestrians and people in their cars a chance to absorb your message. You are guaranteed a captive audience that other advertising mediums do not provide. Unlike television ads, transit advertising cannot be ignored or turned off. Transit advertising is prominently displayed and ready for action. When you work with us, you get a built in audience. Transit users touch on every demographic, age group and income level.

The Brampton Transit bus fleet circulates through residential and high-traffic business areas daily giving your brand the chance to reach its target audience throughout their day.

Transit advertising hits people where they live, work and enjoy some much-needed recreation. This media platform provides visual storytelling that moves with your audience. There is no better visual medium than one that travels.

Potential consumers are everywhere, smartphones in hand, ready to purchase. Transit users are plugged in to their devices, allowing them to get instant information about your product. After viewing your ad on public transit, riders absorb your message instantly. Out-of-home advertising correspondingly allows you to reinforce messages you’ve already brought to your consumers with other mediums such as television, magazines and newspapers.

Exclusive Ad allows you to reach a mass audience with an elevated frequency. No matter your message or what your product is, Exclusive Ad will ensure your ad is seen. Whether you are a local retailer, big box chain, or run a national awareness campaign, your brand will get centre stage!

For more information about our products, please contact Exclusive Ad. We are happy to present your brand to the people. Contact us today and let us bring your product where it needs to be. Your audience is waiting.


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