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Exclusive Ad Media Kit

As individuals, we are driven, marketing gurus who specialize in the field of out-of-home media (OOH). Together we are Exclusive Ad, a team of highly dedicated consumer-focused people who possess the know-how and competence to bring your brand to an engaged audience.

Media properties come and go, but transit advertising is here to stay. People will always need to get places. They will always need to go somewhere. We live in an on-the-go culture where people spend most of their time in transit. Televisions now come equipped with recorders that allow consumers to stop and start live TV. You can fast-forward through ads and some cable networks even offer commercial-free broadcasts. Magazines are in now available online and newspapers are slowly becoming obsolete. However through all that, OOH advertising remains unavoidable.

A structure like the Brampton Transit system is forever evolving. The bus routes pass through residential and commercial neighbourhoods. Exclusive Ad plays witness to the ever-changing media market and understands that transit ads cannot be turned off. This is one of the main reasons why we do what we do!

Our specialty, out-of-home advertising, lets our clients make an impact by reaching more people for longer periods of time at lower cost. With traditional media platforms your message can be compromised by everyday distractions. Flyers can be thrown out, magazines flipped through, radio ads tuned out, but transit ads are with your throughout your commute. Transit ads face less competition than conventional marketing avenues. Exclusive Ad has narrowed it down to a science by allowing your message to be enhanced by this medium.

Through transit advertising, we can effectively create top-of-mind awareness with quick response time to your ad. The use of QR codes and call-to-action messages are effective when used in transit marketing because commuters have access to their smartphones while they ride the bus. They can scan, research and even purchase your product right then and there without any hindrances.

By committing to transit advertising, we are supporting the communities that we operate in. We are loyal to the Brampton Transit system, because it employs approximately 850 people and is an environmentally sound mode of transportation.

Let Exclusive Ad take your ad to the next level. Your brand deserves an audience that evolves with it!


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