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Exclusive Ad offers incredible returns for your brand. When you invest in out-of-home advertising you allow your brand a chance to breathe and grow. There is great exposure to be had with transit advertising and your brand is guaranteed the best seat in the house (or in this case, the best seat on the bus!).

Exclusive Ad will give your brand a chance to make a big impression. Over twenty million annual riders take advantage of Brampton’s vast transit network, and you can take advantage of exterior and interior advertising that exposes your brand to this large audience. Pedestrians, car commuters, cyclists and transit riders will be reached with our advertising products and we’ll help you deliver your brand’s message to the masses.

Brampton Transit delivers a wide-ranging audience made up of different age groups, financial brackets and ethnicities. It provides the perfect platform for any company looking to reach an engaged, diverse and multi-cultural audience. Additionally, out-of-home advertising offers one of the best forms of non-personal communications in the media-sphere.

Out-of-home transit advertising cannot be ignored. No matter what your business does, what your brand offers or who makes up your target market, you can make a big splash with Exclusive Ad. With a fleet of 376 buses, Brampton Transit is everywhere and hard to miss.

Contact us with inquiries and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! Together, we can give your brand the audience it needs. Potential customers await!

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